Diversity Resource Guide - LGBTQ Students

Clubs, Organizations, Resources


Community Organizations and Resources

  • College of the Redwoods Queer Student Union: tyuhas205@gmail.com; www.facebook.com/groups/2149153445289700

    • Meets every Monday at 4:30 in Creative Arts (CA) room 109 at College of the Redwoods.

  • Del Norte GLBT: www.lesbiansatori.org/DN.html

    • Resources for the gay and lesbian community of Del Norte County.

  • Dyke Hike: monthly hikes. For information, call Sue at (707) 822-3405.

  • Eureka Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence: sisterfawn@eurekasisters.org; www.eurekasisters.org

    • Monthly meetings every 3rd Sunday, 9-11 am, Community Wellness Center conference room, 908 7th Street, Eureka.

  • GenderQueer Coffee: legato.blues@gmail.com

    • Meets on 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month, 7pm, Old Town Coffee and Chocolates, 211 F Street, Eureka. All welcome.

  • Girls’ Space: www.facebook.com/ravenproject; (707) 443-7099

    • A safe space for young women (ages 10-21) to explore, empower, and express themselves. Meets Wednesdays from 6:30-8:30pm at Raven, 523 T Street, Eureka.

  • Humboldt Pride: www.humboldtpride.org; www.facebook.com/humboldtpride; (707) 223-2591

    • Strives to educate the public about issues concerning lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and sexually ambiguous persons to eliminate discrimination and prejudice.

  • Humboldt Unity Transgender Discussion Group: karin.redcrow@gmail.com or imalive505@gmail.com; Karin at (707) 307-3988 or Loren at (707) 476-0758

    • A support group for transgender, intersex, and questioning individuals, their allies, families, and loved ones. An online forum is also available.

  • The L-Word: www.lword.mamajudy.com

    • A monthly publication written by and for local queers, highlighting local and international events and hot topics.

  • PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays): shap28@gmail.com; (707) 768-3287

    • Meets at 6:30pm every second Monday, First Congregational Church, 900 Hodgson Street, Eureka.

  • Safe Space National LGBTQ Resources: www.humboldt.edu/safespace/national.html 

    • Links to national LGBTQ resources on a variety of topics.

  • Trikone: www.trikone.org

    • Serves as a resource and an advocate for the South Asian LGBTQ community. Based in the Bay Area.

  • Queer and Ally Alike Open Mic

    • Every Saturday, 2:30 to 4:00pm, at Couple Cups, 1603 G Street, Arcata.

  • Queer Humboldt: info@queerhumboldt.org; www.queerhumboldt.org

    • Humboldt County’s resource for the queer community.

  • Queer Night Out

    • Dinner and social fun every Thursday, 6:30-9pm at The Alibi, 744 9th Street, Arcata. Look for us at the back tables.

  • Queer Youth Coffeehouse: http://rcaa.org/division/youth-service-bureau/program/raven-project-street-outreach-program; www.facebook.com/ravenproject; (707) 443-7099

    • A safe space for youth (ages 10-21) who are queer, questioning, or allied to hang out and have fun. Meets Tuesdays from 6:30-8:30pm at Raven, 523 T Street, Eureka.


Health/Wellness Medical Services

  • Stuart Altschuler, Marriage and Family Therapist (Ferndale): stuart@mfcc.com (707) 786-9727

    • Stuart has a holistic approach that integrates individual emotional, psychological, and spiritual needs. He has extensive experience with the queer community.

  • North Coast AIDS Project (NorCAP): 908 7th Street, Eureka; https://humboldtgov.org/620/North-Coast-AIDS-Project-NorCAP ; 707-268-2132

    • AIDS education and prevention, direct services for people living with HIV/AIDS.

  • Transgender Health Clinic: 770 10th Street, Arcata; (707) 826-8610; humboldtprojecthealth@gmail.com

    • At the Humboldt Open Door Clinic, 1:30-4:30pm, 1st Tuesday of every month.


LGBTQ-Friendly Faith Organizations (as listed on www.humboldtpride.org)

  • Arcata Zen Group: www.arcatazengroup.org

    • A Zen Buddhist group which welcomes anyone to participate with them in sitting & walking meditation. Regular group meditations in Arcata, Eureka, and Westhaven.

  •  Arcata United Methodist Church: 1761 11th Street, Arcata; arcataumc@sbcglobal.net; www.arcataumc.org; (707) 822-1963

  • Cavalry Lutheran Church: 716 South Avenue, Eureka; www.calvaryeureka.com/#!contact/ckdp; (707) 443-1575

  • DignityUSA: www.dignityuse.org

    • National organization working for respect and justice for people of all sexual orientations, genders, and gender identities in the Catholic Church.

  • Eureka 1st Congregational United Church of Christ: 900 Hodgson, Eureka; www.eurekaucc.org; (707) 445-5488

    • Services Sunday at 10:30am.

  • Eureka Mindfulness: First Christian Church, 730 K Street, Eureka; (707) 442-2824

    • Mindfulness meditation and dharma discussion. Meets 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of each month.

  • Evangelicals Concerned: ECHumboldt@aol.com; (707) 826-0518

    • A non-denominational, evangelical community that is a safe place for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Christians to reconcile and integrate their faith and sexuality.

  • Humboldt Unitarian Universalist Fellowship: 24 Fellowship Way (off Jacoby Creek Road), Bayside; www.huuf.org; (707) 822-3793

    • Gay-friendly, non-denominational church.

  • St. Alban’s Episcopal Church: 1675 Chester Avenue, Arcata; www.stalbansarcata.org; (707) 822-4102

  • Temple Beth El: Hodgson and T Streets, Eureka; www.templebetheleureka.org;  (707) 444-2846

    • Affiliated with the Union of Reform Judaism (URJ), with members from a variety of Jewish backgrounds. Services and events attempt to accommodate all members.



  • Critical Race, Gender & Sexuality Studies (CRGS) Major: www.humboldt.edu/crgs

  • Multicultural Queer Studies Minor: https://www.humboldt.edu/programs/critical-race-gender-sexuality-studies 

  • ANTH 315/WS 315: Sex, Gender & Globalization

  • ANTH 430/WS 430: Queer Across Cultures

  • COMM 309B/WS 308B: Gender & Communication

  • CRGS 108: Power/Privilege: Gender and Race, Sex, Class

  • EDUC 318/WS 318: Gay & Lesbian Issues in Schools

  • PSYC 436/WS 436: Human Sexuality

  • SOC 316/WS 316: Gender & Society

  • WS 306/FREN 306/GERM 306/SPAN 306: Sex, Class & Culture: Gender & Ethnic Issues in International Short Stories

  • WS 370/ENGL 360: Queer Women’s Lives/ Special Topics in Literature when offered as Queer Women’s Literature


Events Calendar

  • October

    • Q-Fest (The Qross Qultural Queer Film Festival): a film festival focused on promoting ongoing dialogue about sexuality. (Coordinated by: MultiCultural Center, Eric Rofes Multicultural Queer Resource Center, Queer Student Union, and Women’s Resource Center www.humboldt.edu/multicultural (707) 826-3364)

    • National Coming Out Day: celebrated individuals who identify as LGBTQ, or who are allies to the LGBTQ community, and provides a venue for students to connect with queer-friendly resources and support. (Coordinated by: Eric Rofes Multicultural Queer Resource Center, Queer Student Union, MultiCultural Center, Student Health Center, and the Critical Race, Gender, & Sexuality Studies Dept. www.humboldt.edu/multicultural (707) 826-3364)

  • April

    • Take Back the Night: an annual event dedicated to ending sexualized violence and creating supportive and healing spaces for surviviors of sexualized violence and their loved ones. Activities include workshops, film screenings, open mics, a mural project, and a rally and march. (Coordinated by: The Women’s Resource Center, North COast Rape Crisis Team, Eric Rofes Multicultural Queer Resource Center, the Student Health Center www.humboldt.edu/hsuwomen (707) 826-4216)

    • National Day of Silence: an internationally observed civil awareness day celebrating LGBTQ individuals who publicly identify as gay, lesbian, bisexuaul, transgender and/or queer. HSU students, clubs, staff, faculty and community members come together to “break the silence” about sexual orientation and/or gender identity in the Art/UC Quad. (Coordinated by: Eric Rofes Multicultural Queer Resource Center, Queer Student Union theerc@humboldt.edu www.humboldt.edu/erc)

  • May

Cultural Graduation Celebrations: graduation celebrations for multiple communities on campus. Celebrations are usually held for the Asian/Pacific Islander, Black/African American, Latin@, Native American, and Queer communities. (Coordinated by: Cross-Cultural Centers for Academic Excellence www.humboldt.edu/cae (707) 826-3364)