Hispanic-serving initiatives empower us to live into our HSI identity and develop the programs and practices that are fundamental to global leadership.

Our Hispanic-Serving Institution (HSI) designation demonstrates the University's commitment to living out its mission within the changing context of student demographics. It is also a transformation that focuses on student success for all historically marginalized students*, including Latinx and/or low income students.

*Latinx, Black/African American, Pacific Islander, American Indian, Alaska Native

Jose Juan Rodriguez Gutierrez Hernandez Estrada

"La vida es un carnaval", dijo una de mis ídolos, Celia Cruz. If life is a carnival then consider me the starstruck kid who is absorbing, enjoying, and appreciating every second of it. Migrating from Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico, and traveling up and down the state of California has fostered a sense of gratitude within me towards all the cultures and natural environments that co-exist in this region. My education has allowed me to learn the tools & theories needed to help do my part in bringing this world together, and my community has provided me with the support to continue breaking through glass ceilings. Despite the challenges of being a first-generation student and immigrant, these experiences have fueled my ambition to create a more equitable world for those who look like me, those who are different from me, and those who are on their way to this carnival, we call life. As long as I’m breathing, I’ll be smiling, and sharing my joy of life with everybody.

Roman Sotomayor

Roman is a tireless advocate for students at HSU. He knows how to build connections with staff, faculty, and administrators to make real change. He singlehandedly has educated so many professionals on campus.

Christian Trujillo

Christian Trujillo

Christian Trujillo is a Promotorx within El Centro. They are an Environmental Science and Management major and director of a program called Ciencia Para Todos on campus, bringing science and culture together.

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HSI Initiatives

La Comida nos Une

This project will strengthen ongoing campus efforts to engage Latinx students with local community partners to address pressing local rural food system issues. This will deepen connections between faculty, students and place, while greatly enhancing Humboldt’s ability to foster successful careers in food, agriculture and the critique of today’s complex food systems.

DHSI Grant

Creando Raíces Learning Community

Creando Raíces gives first-year (freshmen) students the opportunity to explore the field of Ethnic Studies (Native American Studies, African American Studies, Chican@/Latinx Studies) and issues of social justice all the while connecting back to the multiplicity of our identities. Creando Raíces is a program that stresses connection to our communities and the social movements within them. Apply now!

Grad Student Xeronimo Castaneda

¡Échale Ganas!

USDA grant funded program to address inequitable representation of Latinx students in Fisheries.

Students collecting river samples


Grant program to increase the number of Hispanic and low-income undergraduate students in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM) majors.

Students collecting river samples


Scholarship available for graduate studies in Forestry, Watershed, and Wildland Resources

El Centro

The mission of El Centro Académico Cultural de Humboldt, (aka El Centro) works primarily with students of Latin American decent in navigating pathways to success that honors and respects their cultural and historical trajectory.